Work Friends: a story of unrequited cubicle love
a workplace musical by Aubrey Jessen and Mont Chris Hubbard

Work Friends was produced in January of 2012 by Live On Stage as part of the new series 4X4=8 Musicals (presented as part of the Fertile Ground Festival).

Starring Matthew Sa as Greg, Rebecca Teran as Diane, and Josh Stenseth as Dan.
Directed by Brandon Wooley.
With Darcy White on keyboard, Eryn Vercammen on flute/sax/bass, and Aaron Summerfield on guitar/bass.

download demos:

"Dan, on Saturday" (sung by Mont Chris Hubbard)
"Viking Deskmates" (sung by Josh Stenseth & Mont Chris Hubbard)
"Cathy on Seventeen" (sung by Rebecca Teran & Mont Chris Hubbard)

(Script and/or score available upon request.)

"Better still [was]... 'Work Friends' -- [a] compact and fully realized piece with... catchy tunes and vibrant staging..." -- Marty Hughley, The Oregonian

"The best piece of the night is 'Work Friends,' written by Aubrey Jessen and Mont Chris Hubbard, in which two Viking-loving cubiclemates (played by Joshua Stenseth and Matt Sa) consider taking their bromance beyond the office while toying with office supplies... Rebecca Teran's solo in 'Work Friends' nearly steals the show." -- Marianna Hane Wiles, Willamette Week

Watch a video of the performance:

Photos from the premiere performance:
Greg (Matthew Sa) and Diane (Rebecca Teran)
Greg (Matthew Sa) and Dan (Josh Stenseth)
photos by Jim Lykins