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This CD is the second release in my series of piano improvisations, Permutations of 88. It contains nine tracks:

1. Beachcomber/Aroostook Flyer ("Christina's World"*)

2. Furniture City Special

3. Glacier Discovery

4. Blue Water ("IKB 191"*)

5. Chicago Night Express ("Nighthawks"*)

6. Orange Blossom Special

7. California Zephyr

8. Coast Starlight

9. 20th Century Limited

The tracks were titled after they were recorded. I heard hints of trains in the music, and decided to use names of U.S. passenger trains for the titles — nine different trains, from all across the country.

You can stream/purchase this album here.

* These tracks have alternate titles because they were inspired by paintings. They are different from my Palettes tracks in that I did not have these three paintings in front of me – rather, I conjured them from memory.